My Biography

About Prabhjot Grewal

Hello Brampton, my name is Prabhjot Grewal and I was born on June 1990 at Peel Memorial Hospital. As someone that was born and raised in Peel I have experienced the life from a Brampton child to young adulthood and everything in between has been spectacular.  I love Brampton and owe everything to this wonderful city we call “Flower City”.

Growing up in the 90’s I fell in love with the sport of hockey as the kids in my community got together every day after school to play street hockey. It was there where I gained the passion for playing goalie. I felt it was an exclusive position which required a unique set of skills. Mental focus, ability to handle big time pressure, and knowing you can be the player who can steal a game for your team is what pulled me to take on that position. Ultimately I began playing Ice hockey in Brampton for the City’s Brampton Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) program and later for many ball hockey leagues.  I went on to deliver Brampton a Gold Medal in the 2004 OBHA Provincial Championships which is a moment I will never forget. It taught me the traits, the effort, and persistence, and the focus it takes to win. Qualities I have kept so close to me since.

I thank my family for providing me with a wonderful childhood experience here in Brampton.  Everything from walking me to the park so I could play with the kids in the neighborhood to driving us to our hockey games, they have been there for me every step of the way. From them I learned the values of togetherness, trust, accountability, morality, and an innate love for society.

These values were further enforced throughout my primary school years at Khalsa Community School which I like to think as the golden years of my life. Everything I learned throughout these years made me into the humble, kind-hearted, confident, empathetic, self-aware, outspoken, and relationship oriented person I am today.

For high school I attended Turner Fenton Secondary School where I met a majority of my friends from the Brampton Community. These were the fun years as every Brampton High School experience should be. I continued playing hockey throughout high school and represented my school hockey team throughout the course of my studies.  Upon graduating from high school I attended Humber College for Business Management and ultimately York University for Human Resource Management. A common theme in my life has been people. Every institution I have attended, every league I’ve played for, and person that I’ve met; I have been at my happiest talking to all of you, living my daily life amongst you, and interacting with all of you on a day to day basis. Seeing the balance in society is what makes me happiest. Contentment with our leaders, an active Brampton community, and every resident having a roof over their head and the basics they need to accomplish greatness in this world. As leaders it is our job and moral duty to put every Brampton resident in the best possible position to succeed in our city.