My Message To The Brampton Community

“I believe in a future in which every Brampton resident has access to the resources they need to achieve their very best. And as leaders that is the standard we should be held accountable to. I believe our city has extraordinary potential. We are a young, educated, competitive, and ambitious city that can accomplish so much more. Times and ideas have changed and new leadership will now progress our city forward. As leaders it is our job and moral duty to put our residents in the best possible position to succeed in our democracy. Lack of cooperation and progressive thinking will only hinder our city’s progress in the modernized world. The time for progress is now and it is absolutely necessary for our city’s growth and prosperity. I have a vision to lead Brampton into the future. Younger leaders taking office at City Hall is what I like to call as the natural process of evolution, the passing of the torch, and the introduction of new ideas to govern our cities more efficiently and effectively. Vote for Progress this October. Our city is better than complacency.”


Call me directly: (647)671-4870


A vote for me is a vote for Progress.

I look forward to working with the elected council and mayor on:

  • Building more shelters for our rapidly growing city
  • Keeping our communities safe and protected
  • Accessible health care and planning for a new hospital
  • Increasing the number of jobs offered in the city
  • Affordable housing and a reduction in our car insurance rates
  • A healthy and clean Brampton environment
  • Providing adequate resources to our mental health institutions
  • Reducing traffic congestion and reviving the LRT project
  • Quality and personalized care for our seniors